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UNC-CH has an important role in improving health and prosperity for people and places

Whole Community Connection is on a mission

Whole Community Connection (WCC) is a leadership program for rural community-academic partners. Building on authentic connections, WCC selects and awards teams of community members and UNC-CH faculty or researchers poised to make transformative change. WCC Champions receive one year of leadership training, coaching, mentoring, and support from interprofessional students along with funding for their community-centered projects. With their individual strengths and collective capacity boosted, WCC Champions lead the way to thriving rural communities across NC. 

Do you share the WCC vision?

Health equity across North Carolina led by community voice and participation

Let’s collaborate!

Teams of 2 community members from Edgecombe or Robeson County working with 2 UNC-Chapel Hill faculty or researchers apply for $45,000 to implement their projects through WCC. These WCC Champions will participate in a proven 12-month program focused on leadership development, coaching, and mentorship.

The application deadline passed but will reopen in October 2022.


WCC is supported by UNC-Chapel Hill and a gift from the Kenan Charitable Trust. In addition, Claudia Fernandez, a co-investigator on this study, and a family member have an authorship interest in materials/ products commercialized by the FastTrack Leadership Program, which may be used during the course of this study. If this product or approach is successful at some point in the future, Claudia Fernandez and her spouse may receive financial benefits.