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Lead change grounded in health equity, a local vision, and social justice

WCC Champions engage in leadership development adapted for Edgecombe and Robeson County from the two proven frameworks of Relational Leadership and Equity Centered Leadership. Each of these leadership models has a history of transforming careers and systems when put into practice. We are excited to see what can be done by WCC Champions, as they are among the first to receive training in both of these models!

Why Relational Leadership and Equity Centered Leadership?

Hear from past leadership training participants on how these models have benefitted them:

Heidi Anksorus
“Some of the invaluable benefits of the RLI experience are all the incredible connections I have made with colleagues across the University campus… I would love to see all my colleagues have the opportunity to attend an RLI training event!”– Heidi Anksorus, PharmD, Assistant Professor at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy

“Leadership training has helped me to look at and approach partnerships differently. I use my energy and voice to emphasize the value added when collaborators are authentic partners. Leadership training has provided additional tools that I use in my local community and as an advisor to other partnerships. For example, refining ​bi-directional learning and partnership cohesion has made a difference in addressing kinks that make collaborating with universities a challenge.”  – Mysha Wynn, Executive Director, Project Momentum, Inc., Rocky Mount, NC

Anjali Taneja“I’ve done numerous leadership trainings in the past, this one is different. It supports collaborative, team-based care—delivered in an innovative way—and it allows us to rapidly iterate like a startup.”– Anjali Taneja, MD, MPH, Executive Director of Casa de Salud

“Exceptional program, worth every minute spent on it.”– Anonymous Feedback Survey